Project for Burberry

On this project we had to use the war artist Willian Orpen as a starting point, so my project is about Love and War, the idea of people leaving each other, they may not ever see echother again. Sending echother beautiful postcards from the second world war, is their only hope.

(Painting by William Orpen)

(one of the pritty postcards)

Mood Board: “If there`s a place that I could be, I’d be another memory. Can I be the only hope for you, because the only hope for me is you alone”.
(text is taken from: My Chemical Romance’s last album)

Line- up. (This was a coat project)

Color, fabric and fabricmanipulation board

Flats and information.

This is the coat I chose to make. The hood is inspired by the world war helmet shape, the silhouette is simple, taken from a vintage piece, along with rather masquline detialings.

This is the fabric it would be made in. wool/ chashmere with manipuletad cut out lace stich upon, with simple flower embroydery on top again.

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2 Responses to Project for Burberry

  1. Maria says:

    Tonje! Så flink du er. Utrolig imponerende alt jeg leser på denne bloggen. Fantasisk!!! ❤

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