Project For Australian Fashion Designer Alannah Hill

Name of project: In the forest there is a hidden contrast of the dreamlike and the real.

I Started out looking at the idea of a darker, but romantic, midsummernight`s dream. I used the idea of the deep woods and what is hiding inside of it, like the flowers, they are often hidden beneath leaves, all of them in beautiful colours, some bright, some pale and faded. Personally I like to think that the forest is a place you can feel free, it is like being in another world hidden from this. It makes you go into a dreamlike state of mind.

I have considered the contrast of light and dark, the  dreamlike and the real and the contrast of structure and volume.

Underneath shows my presentation boards:

Underneath shows a selection of a few sketchbook pages:

Underneath shows development of fabric samples and print ideas:

Piece to be worn around the neck:

Photograph of detail:

Leather head band with silk- chiffon flowers and pearls:

Photographs of details:

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3 Responses to Project For Australian Fashion Designer Alannah Hill

  1. Fantastic Project!! Really great designs and illustrations… you really captured the essence Alannah Hill Brand – Excellent work!

  2. ashy1066 says:

    Nice collection……Really amaging…Australian fashion designers are now influencing what others around the world will wear…
    Australian Fashion Designer

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