Nina Ricci

The collection from Nina Ricci is so beautiful! He took his inspiration from the artists who collaborated with the Maison at the beginning of its history: the refined and decadent world of Bébé Bérard, Janine Janet’s art entourage, the charming creations of Marc Lalique. Sheer and flirty fabrics has been used such as lace and broderie. A contemporary touch is provided by the razor-cut silhouettes and by contrasting elements often shown in the same outfit: male/female, tailored/soft, simple/elaborated.

Colors used is: powder pink, blush, muted pastel, cherry red, shocking pink, taupe, navy blue and citrus yellow.

Underneath shows some photos from the collection:

This collection is absolutely one of my favourites. I love all the fabric manipulations with the tulle, lace and silk crepe. I love the overall romantic feeling and the playfullness of it.

Have a look at the beautiful detailing of this jacket:

Or this very attractive mix of fabrics:

And I love that the designer has used leather in a contrast to the very light fabric:

This look is my favourite. I love the playfull silhuette, the fabric manipulations done with the top, and that the designer has mixed those two fabrics:

Drawing by me.

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