Skin graph-The Furure Walk-In Closet

I`ve allways had a passion for leather…

The designer is Laura Michaels:
Like skin the essence of time is recorded, a second skin is generated as representation of one self. Both the physical and the emotional factors of their personality are inscribed into the material…

Above (left) shows a postcard I got at the exhibition at Vauxhall showing how the leather is worked into a second skin on the body. There has been created possibility for movement where the person that was scanned needed the movement to be.

Above (right) shows a scan of me. You can see how the lines is created, to make your personal second skin.

Said by Laura Michaels:
Each human is uniqu, this forms the foundation of my process; making each bespoke pattern and laser cut design spesific to the human at the centre of my fashion methodogy. While an artis paints the female form, capturing every detail in fluid brush strokes, I draw directly on to the bodies contours using light and technology, tracing the body`s landscape and defining each line and form with distinctive pattern as a projected greyscale topography. Through the use of Parametric modelling, the topography displacement map is read, the bodies contour lines created and the skin relief exemplified then laser cut to form the second skin.

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2 Responses to Skin graph-The Furure Walk-In Closet

    Thank you so much for writing about my work seen at Vaxuhall Fashion Scout on Friday the 17th. It was great you got involved and had you body contours scanned. Thanks again Laura Michaels

    • tonje1989 says:

      My plesure. I like your work, You can create some beautiful lines and textures, but its still close to your body. Its really interesting. Ceep it up.
      Tonje Arnesen

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