About me

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” — Marilyn Monroe”

I am an award-winning conscientious and focused womenswear fashion graduate, I have a passion for mystery and the beauty of the unseen and the unknown. Right now I like to work by the statement: ‘We are offered the pleasure of clothing not simply as material garments, but as a mode of dream.’ (McNeil, 2009, Fashion in Fiction)  I always was a quiet girl, and I never actually fit in anywhere. I find it interesting researching into different themes both realistic and imaginary to create something personal. Taking into consideration that when designing a collection you have to build your theme, story, and your color and detail, creating a collection is just like creating my dream reality. I enjoy mixing research from our inspirational world together with the theme of fairytales and the unknown to show the world through clothing, catwalk and art what is going on and happening in my head. I do believe that the fashion world and our well known world from fairytales, the place called wonderland has something in common. Both of the worlds can be very surreal, it’s ‘a place with no time’ it’s mystical yet childish, and most of all fun. As I just graduated this year I don’t have any fashion brand yet, but I am always working towards one. I see my clothes as wearable art, part high street, part art, part costume. I see my clothes worn by everyone having the courage to dress differently, wanting to stand out or make a statement of their own. I know it’s not only me who wish they could follow a rabbit down the rabbit hole, what I want to achieve by being a designer is helping others make that dream become just a little bit more alive and real.
I am not a typical high street designer; I enjoy mixing in fun, wired, everything beautiful/ girly, and elements of art into my clothes.

“Currage to belive is the magic that turns dreams into reality”

If you would like to future my work or see my CV please contact me at my personal e-mail: tonje.1989@gmail.com

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